Return Old Latex Here

cans1_optDo you have a basement full of extra latex paint you don't know what to do with?  Bring it to any re-coat recycled paint drop-off site and recycle it for only $2 per container! (Gallons, quarts, and 5 gallon pails).

If you've got a basement full of leftover latex paint that you don't want, you haven't really had many options for disposing of it.  You could use it up on other projects, you could donate it, or you could dry it up and throw it away.

Well, now we've got a fourth option:  recycle it. 

Just bring any and all your unwanted latex paints* to any re-coat recycled paints drop off site (click here for a map).  The cost is minimal:  for quarts, gallons, and 5 gallon pails, the recycling charge is $2 per container. This nominal fee helps cover some of the costs associated with recycling the paint and will make it possible for us to continue to offer this great service to our communities. 

*We can only recycled latex paint that is in its original container.  Also, we cannot take back latex paints that have soured (smell like sour milk), or that have frozen (look like cottage cheese).  Any other latex paint is returnable.